Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at OMNI.


We are making a commitment to our staff, clients, and partners to advance DEI intentionally, both internally and through our work with clients, because we believe the full realization of our purpose and impact requires it.

Why Does this Matter?

OMNI Institute is an organization committed to equitable evaluation practices and to promoting the voices of all constituents in our communities. We recognize, however, that our staff is predominantly white and female, which limits the voices and perspectives we can bring to the table. Although our staff make-up largely reflects the demographics of others in the field, we cannot passively accept this reality anymore. We strongly believe that a diverse and inclusive team is critical to fully living our core values.

Diverse perspectives provide varied and new ways of asking questions (Inquiry), fresh approaches to tackling challenges (Agility), inspiration to produce better work (Excellence), contribute to a greater shared understanding of our community, and increase the sense of connection among our staff and to our clients (Connection).

For OMNI, having a diverse staff and creating an equitable and inclusive environment that welcomes all individuals without regard to race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, disability, political affiliation, or other dimension is the only way that we will fully realize our team’s potential and have the impact we hope for within our communities.

DEI at OMNI focuses on the three pillars of our organization 


There are three key pillars to our business and how we think about DEI throughout our work.


Our internal systems, policies, and procedures attract diverse talent and reflect the inclusive and equitable environment that we strive for


Every member of the team is engaged and feels respected as an individual at OMNI and is able to engage clients toward more equitable research and evaluation


We choose clients that are aligned with our values and mission and we can support their work by conducting equitable and inclusive research and evaluation

In FY 2020, we are beginning a journey to build a diverse and inclusive culture at OMNI.

To do so we are undertaking several key steps. In the first phase of this work, we will focus our attention inward, to our Systems, with a major focus on improving our internal policies and practices. We will also begin work on the specific aspects of building the capacity of our team and clients. Some of our work we will begin this year will include:

  1. Our executive team leading the DEI work, engaging external consultation and expertise to guide our journey

  2. Making improvements to policies and procedures, with specific focus on recruitment and retention of diverse staff

  3. Implementing a team-wide assessment of our organization using the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark as a framework

  4. Expanding on the work of our equitable evaluation best practice team and integrating our knowledge management practices across all our best practice teams

what to expect working with omni


Prospective employees can expect…

  • to be welcomed and accepted as an individual, with unique life experiences and knowledge to contribute across a wide array of projects

  • a culture rooted in continuous learning, with staff that acknowledge our mistakes as we grow together on this DEI journey

  • a commitment to living by our organizational core values, with clarity of purpose and expectations

Prospective clients can expect…

  • a team of research, evaluation, and capacity building experts who build a connection to you and your stakeholders to truly understand the underlying challenges you’re facing

  • a commitment to ask the questions necessary to make sure equity is part of every project we undertake and every action plan you implement

  • a respect for your community as experts of their own lived experience with a voice that should be heard and valuable opinions and perspectives to be respected