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Designing a Health Equity Toolkit for Rural and Remote Communities

Funded by the Telligen Community Initiative, the Toolkit supports public health departments in generating a shared understanding of health equity within the organization, creating an organizational commitment to improving equity, and institutionalizing health equity practices.  This toolkit builds off the work of many existing resources, for which the OMNI Institute and partners are grateful.  We are humbled to contribute this toolkit to the field of equity and hope it may inspire others who will build onto it in the future. 

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Colorado Opioid Safety Summit

News about the opioid epidemic this can be paralyzing—making us think there is nothing that can be done to address the epidemic which led to 558 deaths in 2017 in Colorado alone. The good news is not only is there something that can be done about the opioid epidemic, but hundreds of healthcare professionals in Colorado are convening this week to increase awareness and share lessons learned from the work that is already being tackled to address the crisis.

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