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Katie Gelman

Vice President, Public & Behavioral Health

Katie Gelman, DrPH, is the Vice President and leader of the Public & Behavioral Health Division at OMNI Institute. Dr. Gelman has over a decade of expertise in evaluation, particularly focused in substance abuse prevention and treatment and applied public health evaluation. Currently, Dr. Gelman oversees OMNI’s evaluations of several prevention focused initiatives to use data-driven decision making to identify and implement environmental and policy strategies that reduce prescription drug and heroin use among youth and young adults.

Dr. Gelman provides oversight to OMNI’s partnership with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers to conduct a national, longitudinal study of substance abuse treatment outcomes, and oversight to four longitudinal outcome studies with individual treatment providers in Colorado. She provided oversight to OMNI’s evaluation of the first marijuana prevention media campaign through the Governor’s Office, which used survey data integrated with innovative data collection methods such as cell phone-based text message surveys, as well as for OMNI’s evaluation of Colorado’s first Partnership for Success initiative, including the Speak Now! Campaign, focused on youth substance abuse prevention.

She is currently the Treasurer for the Colorado Public Health Association, serves on the Colorado Prevention Certification Board, and is a Colorado Certified Prevention Specialist II.


Dr.PH., Community and Behavioral Health

MPH, Maternal & Child Health

Research Focus

  • Public Health Evaluation

  • Substance Use Disorder Prevention & Treatment

  • Maternal Health

  • Homelessness

  • Health Equity