Our purpose

The OMNI Institute accelerates positive social change by supporting the public, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors with integrated research and evaluation, capacity building, and data utilization services.


Core Values

The OMNI Institute’s core values underpin our work. They guide our teams as we determine the work we do and how we do it, and allow us to operate on the leading edge of our industry.


We don’t just go through the motions. We’re curious, creative, critical thinkers; we examine, reflect, and solve. We apply systematic methods to create effective solutions to complex issues. We challenge ourselves to ask the questions that allow us to see old information in a new light, to generate insights, and guide us in new directions.


Our work begins with respect. We come to the table knowing that communities, partners, and clients are the authority on their lived experiences and the work they do—their insights and know-how work in concert with our expertise and application of best practices. We take our connection one step further by cultivating long-term relationships and harnessing the power of collaboration as we work together towards something larger.


Social science is the foundation on which our business is built. We set a high bar for our profession, the services we provide, and the deliverables we produce. We’re our own toughest critics and are accountable to our clients and each other.


We’re receptive to new ways and ideas. We learn, share, and grow. We’re ready to pivot to do what’s right for the client and for OMNI. Operating in the real world requires teams be able to shift their approach as circumstances change and new challenges arise.