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Regional TA Consultant

Ona Crow

Ona’s primary project is OMNI’s Statewide Training and Technical Assistance Project, which provides customized training and technical assistance in needs assessment, capacity building, planning, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based prevention programs, policies, and practices to organizations and communities in Western Colorado.  Ona also supports additional projects related to health equity, food access, organizational development, and more.  Prior to joining OMNI, Ona worked with a social enterprise serving people experiencing homelessness in the Denver-metro area in a development and evaluation role, as well as providing direct service and program management. She has also worked with functional assessments for Medicaid services and community-based case management and counseling for youth in rural communities. Ona loved developing solutions to complex problems and believes there is always another option in which everyone wins.  She values the power of community in creating systemic transformation and sees individual relationships as the foundation of this work.



Master of Social Work


Public and Behavioral Health

Content Focus

Learning and Development