Meet an OMNI Staffer | Mayra Coronado Garcia

The OMNI Institute is thrilled to announce that Mayra Coronado Garcia joined OMNI as a researcher in March 2019, with a focus on data analysis and management, and report development.

“My goal is to produce reports on a big scale. We create so many reports now that look at large populations, I want to make sure we can break down the data for sub-groups so it is more digestible for smaller populations.”

That desire to make data digestible comes from Mayra’s vision for the role of a researcher.

“A researcher is someone who is willing to ask the hard questions and focus in on not just how a program is impacting the community, but also thinking about the why and how the information is useful—looking at the bigger picture of how we can really help.”

Mayra’s passion to use data to help others developed in high school.

“I started out wanting to be a high school teacher. Growing up at Aurora Central High School I saw how the teachers were able to help me—I wanted to do that for students who were similar to me. As a Daniels Scholar, I was able to attend Regis University where I learned there are lots of ways to give back and help people—research is one of those ways. It allows you to find data that is meaningful so you can influence policies that can actually impact the communities at large.”

With that realization, Mayra went to the University of Iowa, where she received her Masters in Public Health. 

“Quantitative methods was the core focus of the program, which helped me to see not just the importance of data, but how research in a community setting is all about partnership.”

For this reason, among others, Mayra was drawn to OMNI.

“OMNI approaches community organizations as partners in our work.”

Work which Mayra is ready to get going on.

“I’m most excited to work on reports, which is an area where OMNI can be so innovative and shown we are willing to try new things. Plus, my team is excited about it, which is great because I’m not alone in being a nerd about data!”

When she’s not at work you can find Mayra with her nose in a book.

“Now that school is over, I get to pick my own books. I’ve been focusing on goal setting and writing clean code. It’s a mix of some educational books, like Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship but also motivating like Girl, Stop Apologizing.”

This summer Mayra is most looking forward to getting married to her fiancé Michael!


Educational Background


Masters in Public Health